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Clyde Mesh is the name given to this project supported by Glasgow & Clyde RAYNET group.

Clyde Mesh was setup to offer technical solutions to the Ham Radio RAYNET group.

So what is Clyde Mesh ? well it is a radio based IP network making use of the Amateur radio bands that overlap with the general Wifi frequencies,  2.4 GHz  and  5.8 GHz , By taking normal Wifi routers and putting new firmware onto the devices, we are able to make them work in away suitable for Amateur radio.

What hardware is avilable.

There are 3 different router manufactures that is compatible. Linksys, CPE & Ubiquiti. also there are two different developments of Firmware that can be used. HamBroadband and AREDN

What are the possibilities

Anything that you can do over the internet you can do over this network as it works on the same principles. Here are some examples, VoIP/SIP Phone service (possibly Skype, FaceTime, and iChat) Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Email Windows File Sharing (SMB/CIFS by both URL and UNC) Web Pages (HTTP, both intranet and internet) File Transfers (FTP) IP Cameras Local Wifi (by attaching an access point to the mesh node) Local 3G/4G Cell Phone Service (by attaching a 3G/4G extender to the mesh node) Remote Desktop/VNC (for remote control of workstations and servers)

So why is it called Mesh ? Well that is because it runs a routing protocol which is called OLSR (Optimised Link State Routing) which means you can build up multiple paths between Nodes and the software will calculate the best link to use. This means you can build up resilience and if you lose a Node you shouldn't lose your network link between point A and Point B